Premogovnik Velenje, d. o. o.  (the Velenje Coal Mine) is a technologically advanced company with lignite mining as its primary activity.

With an over 140-year tradition in lignite mining, it is firmly rooted in the Slovenian energy economics. At today’s mining output, there are enough deposits of the Velenje lignite for another four decades of the coal mine operation. Due to changes in the energy industry and the envisaged changes in the operation of the thermal power plant, mining sites will close before lignite reserves are exhausted.

To rationalize the process of coal production, developmental projects are under way in Premogovnik, including projects in clean technologies of coal consumption, electric power, roadways, transport and logistics, optimisation and automation of coal transport, the ecology of work, people management at work, and occupational health and safety.

The developmental nature of various projects shows promise that new activities of the company turn out to be as important for the life of the Šaleška valley and the wider region as the operation of the coal mine has been for Slovenia as a whole.

Premogovnik Velenje, an associated company of Holding Slovenske elektrarne, excels in its great sense of social responsibility, both in terms of solving environmental issues, and securing sustainable development and preserving jobs for the life of the Šaleška valley and the wider region.

As a process of underground coal extraction, coal mining is often regarded as a process with adverse impacts for the environment. Due to great economic and social benefits of its results, the environment is sacrificed in many of the areas with reserves of this important energy source. Aiming to bring coal mining in line with the principles of sustainable development, Premogovnik Velenje has reduced its adverse environmental impact substantially.

Premogovnik Velenje has dealt with preventing and eliminating negative effects on the environment ever since its beginnings, and has been an active part of a land, air and water protection programme in the Šaleška valley for a number of years. A tourist and sports resort has been developed around the lakes that are a result of coal mining activities. The company also regularly monitors its environmental impact and eliminates its negative effects. Its primary goal is to provide a healthy working and living environment. Thus, Premogovnik Velenje makes and important contribution to preserving life in the Šaleška valley and providing new jobs.

Premogovnik Velenje d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 78, 3320 Velenje, Slovenija, Tel.: +386 (0) 3 8996 100, Faks: +386 (0) 3 5875 007
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